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Bangalore Twestival 2010 on March 25 at Opus

Twitter was conceptualised as the web equivalent of SMS. But in its four years of existence, the microblog has grown way beyond even what its founders imagined. Millions of people use it in some way: to follow breaking news, to keep in touch with friends or to give expression to their emotions and opinions.

When a few Londoners in 2008 decided to leverage the power of online networking to steer social projects, they were breaking new ground. The thought was elementary: if a million people could network online, why can’t a few of them get together offline? And, thus w as born the idea of Twestival or twitter festival.

Twestival Global 2010 will be held in 175 cities around the world — including Bangalore — on March 25 in aid of international charity, Concern Worldwide. The proceeds will go to its worldwide education projects. Besides Bangalore, six cities — Chennai, Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Kochi — will host Twestival this year. Each city will have its own fund-raising programme…

Should there be more IPLs?

A proposal is doing the rounds among the cricket bigwigs on holding more than one IPL in a year. The idea is to take it abroad to places like the US and the Gulf, where there is a huge concentration of Indians.There is no doubt IPL -- the 20 over-a-side, eight-team Indian Premier League Championship -- is a roaring success. It has now come to symbolise cricket, eclipsing not just the sedate 5-day Test version but even the shorter 50-over-a-side One-Day Internationals or the ODIs.Success begets success. It's also said we shouldn't sleep over success, but look far ahead to reap more out of success. It all sounds good, ambitious, enterprising and what not!But the plan overlooks an aspect of IPL that's so crucial -- the players. Did anyone consult them, before publicing the 'more of IPL' plan?It's players, coaches, managers, umpires and a whole lot of support staff who have made what cricket, or rather IPL, what it's today. They are all under tremendous pressur…

'Time and Tide' is back on Ugadi

To everyone, who has been reading Time and Tide, my apologies for the hiatus -- 20 months and 4 days -- it has been a long time. I wasn't able to post anything here, and I owe a Big Thank You to those who helped me resume my blogging here.

What a day to be back. Today is Ugadi -- the New Year Day festival in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The day is celebrated as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. It's a festive occasion for Sindhis around the country, who celebrate the day as Chetti Chand or the Sindhi New Year. The Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali equivalents of this day come next month. India is such a complicated nation when it comes to religious festivals!

It's indeed an auspicious day to re-enter the blogospere. Please do check back. Thanks a lot, for staying on with Time and Tide patiently.